While our Fractal Wave System provides the core of our trading strategy, it is only part of an integrated approach to investing which draws on a variety of sophisticated risk-management strategies. These strategies have evolved from over 30 years of investing in futures for proprietary and customer accounts. Central to these strategies is Dynamic Risk Balancing, which endeavors to maintain a balance of risk across the various markets over time. Although we trade a variety of financial futures, our commitment to broad diversification ensures that our portfolios are dominated by physical commodities.

The various components of our trading methodology are grounded on established mathematical principles and extensive research conducted by ourselves and others in strict adherence to the scientific method. This strong scientific basis, along with the absence of numerical optimization and our focus on the very long term, provides a unique robustness to our trading approach.

Since this brochure can provide but an overview of our organization and trading philosophy, we invite you to contact us with any questions and look forward to the prospect of discussing our investment program with you in greater detail.


Bill Dreiss,
Dreiss Research Corporation