The Fourth Law of Thermodynamics

Essays on the Physics of Biology

by Bill Dreiss

This site presents a collection of essays on the the relationship between thermodynamics and biology.  In particular, the Second Law of Thermodynamics is examined and a Fourth Law is proposed as a more reasonable path to understanding the origins and evolution of life.

Some of these essays are edited versions of private correspondence, and are therefore colloquial in tone.  While I believe the underlying logic is sound, many of the ideas presented herein call for further elaboration.  Since I am neither a physicist nor biologist and my formal mathematical skills are limited, I have presented these ideas in terms of simple logic, which I believe is all that is required.


The Fourth Law, Part 1

The Fourth Law, Part 2

The Fourth Law, Part 3

The Second Law, Part 1

The Second Law, Part 2

The Time Paradox

Created: August 10, 2004

Updated: August 10, 2004

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